So you need a website. But,
what exactly should it do?

You might think this has an obvious answer, but think again... In fact, thinking is what we'll do for you first! Inside and outside of the box, ensuring the plan is perfect before we start.

And once your site is built, we'd rather not become strangers! We're on hand to offer support wherever you need, helping to keep your site current. Let's say phooey to stale websites!

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Web Site Design & Development - Costs & Plans!

We like to view each project as unique. That’s why we don’t offer the usual '5-page package'!

Above are example costings of what your budget might cover  -  These are all adaptable by project or budget!

We cost transparently, and work projects flexibly. We're on your side!

- We charge based on the real time costs, we'd never try to maximise the margin to a flat rate priced package.
- If a project comes in under our initial estimations, we'll simply charge you less: just for the actual time we worked.
- We communicate time/cost updates throughout the project so there are no final cost surprises.
- There's no restriction for your amending briefs, everything can be re-estimated and re-quoted.
- No big upfront payments! We stagger the payments with your work, ensuring you're always happy with progress.
- Not sure of your plan? We're experts at evolving plans as we go: Question > Development > Testing > Answer !

Just some of the Web Design & Development services we provide...

  • Domain registration
  • Hosting & Support
  • On-going updates & support
  • Visitor statistics
  • Web application coding
  • Design mock-up stage
  • Build only on approval
  • Email marketing / statistics
  • Consultation support
  • Flash/HTML5/jQuery coding
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Online marketing
  • Email marketing / statistics
  • Strategy & planning
  • Social media marketing

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